Wednesday, 15 April 2015

#gafesummit 2015

So...Presenting at #gafesummit was actually amazing! 

I have had the best two days and despite have a mild freak out this morning I and really stoked with the response to my presentation today.  My presentation slideshow can be found at the following link. Waveney's GAFE Presentation 2015 - Digital Badges All of the resources are being shared to prevent people from having to ninja them - my only request if that if you use them (which I hope you do), please acknowledge my work and post a comment on my blog! I would love to see your progress and follow your #digitalbadge journey too! 


Gafe for me started of with a win! I was lucky enough to read +John Bailey mind and guess where he will be on 15 December 2015! I am now the proud owner of #andytheNZandroid and my class at +Newmarket School are going to love taking him on adventures.  We are even going to start a blog to document his journey.

Stand out speaker have been +Jim Sill talking through how to utilise different aspects of YouTube and tailoring it to your classroom! I am looking forward to making playlists and creating channels for various curriculum areas, which will be accessible by my students.  

Also +Holly Clark gave a stand out keynote this morning which had me tweeting like no other! I think it is safe to say (in the non-creepiest way) I have a #girlcrush on Holly and I am inspired by her teaching approach and presentation.  #disruptiveinnovation needs to be embraced and use to make change in our point in fighting what is making out lives easier and more efficient! Be More Dog - Technology is here to stay! 

+Sonya Van Schaijik gave a stand out presentation on #teachmeetNZ and I have now committed myself to presenting! God knows how I cull an hour presentation to 3 minutes! Arghhhh! As a thank you to +Sonya Van Schaijik  I created her this #digitalbadge.  Partly because she is awesome and persuaded me to present (and I am so glad she did), and also because she always promises me bloody chocolate fish and never delivers...

To all those people who attended my presentation - you can download this badge too and thank you for coming to my #gafesummit presentation! 

Was also made fun because I was with three awesome colleagues! I am so proud of +Anna Speir who gave her first presentation.  She killed it! and despite a few technical difficulties which always fluster you...she did an awesome job of outlining her journey using #Hapara to date! +Missn Walden explained how she has set up and educated the +Newmarket School RTLB cluster in their transition to using #GoogleDrive.  You guys have been a blast.

Day two started with a double win for NPS and two of our staff members walked away with #chromebooks! I am pretty sure we will get another one this afternoon...but I might be taking advantage of the power of positive thinking...slightly!

#gafesummit is coming to an end with one more keynote to go! I am looking forward to presenting of stage two of my journey of #digitalbadges should my abstract for #ULearn15 be accepted.  Watch this space!

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